GP Power is the North East’s premier manufacturer and supplier of biomass wood pellets for domestic and commercial use.

Combining over 30 years of experience in the forestry and renewable energy industries, GP Power’s specialist team offer a cost efficient, alternative fuel source for customers seeking an economical and environmentally friendly solution to their heating and cooling needs.

At GP Power, we are passionate about green energy. Our aim is to keep our carbon footprint to the absolute minimum during production by sourcing, harvesting, selling and delivering all of our products locally.

GP Power has invested over £20 million into state of the art equipment for the manufacturing plant, to ensure we consistently produce the highest quality wood pellets from locally sourced, sustainable forests within a 50-mile radius of our base in rural Northumberland.

As well as supplying quality wood pellets, GP Power will soon commission its first Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, producing enough clean energy to power the equivalent of 20,000 homes.



Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants simultaneously generate electricity and usable heat in one simple, highly efficient process.

By capturing and reusing the heat produced while generating electricity from biomass fuels, CHP plants are on average up to 80% more fuel efficient when compared with regular power plants using fossil fuels to create energy. This effectively generates a higher return on investment due to the lack of wastage, as well as significantly reducing harmful carbon emissions.

The power generated by a CHP plant can be utilised across a wide range of industries, primarily those with large scale heating and cooling requirements. To find out more about how CHP energy could benefit your business, call one of our experts at GP Power today.



Biomass is a well-established source of safe, clean energy. It's carbon neutral so it’s good for the environment, as well as for business.

In 2011, the British government introduced measures to support biomass-heat installations and other renewable heat sources through financial incentives.  The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was introduced to help the UK meet its target of generating 15 percent of energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Under the RHI, users of renewable heating systems such as biomass boilers are eligible for compensation, paid by the government, to help meet the costs of their installation.   So far, more than 7,000 commercial installations have been accredited under the RHI initiative, so there has never been a better time to invest in a biomass boiler either in the work place or in the home.

The efficiency of a biomass boiler is largely driven by the quality of the wood pellets used to fuel it. GP Power’s state of the art technology and complete wrap-around service from sourcing to delivery ensures our pellets are consistently of the highest quality.

The experienced team at GP Power are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find out more about this economical and environmentally friendly fuel source.