GP Power’s wood pellets are made from the highest quality, sustainably sourced virgin timber from the North East of England.


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A dependable source of fuel, wood pellets have been used for domestic and commercial heating purposes across Europe for more than 25 years.

Compressed under high pressures to increase density and remove excess moisture, processed wood pellets are a high energy, highly efficient renewable fuel source, even more so than wood burned in its natural form.

Due to its high density, wood pellets are not only easy to store, but cheaper to transport, making them a cost effective source of energy as well as an efficient one.



Biomass boiler systems are easy to install and maintain. Typically, the boilers run themselves automatically, just like the average gas boiler, with no need to manually refill, stoke or shovel. The wood pellets can be poured or blown into a storage tank, which are then fed automatically into the boiler to produce clean energy.

However, wood pellets intended for biomass boiler use are only as efficient as the standard to which they are manufactured. Poor quality wood pellets of inconsistent size, shape and density can cause problems for your biomass boiler should they disintegrate or become stuck during the burning process.

At GP Power, we pride ourselves on our rigorous quality control processes, we closely monitor the standard of our lumber feedstock to ensure only the purest end product goes out to our customers.