The timber for our wood pellets is sourced from closely monitored, forestry commission approved sustainable forests within a 50 mile radius of our manufacturing plant in the North of England.

We do not import any timber from overseas, which not only ensures a consistent standard for our wood pellets, but enables to keep our carbon impact from transportation to an absolute minimum.


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As the government continues to promote its Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) to encourage more companies to ‘think green’ and explore renewable energy sources, new industry analysis has been carried out into the sustainability of biomass.

All biomass boilers are expected to meet a series of sustainability standards in order to benefit from the RHI scheme, one of which is to prove that the generator produces a minimum of 60% lower carbon dioxide emissions than the average fossil fuel equivalent.

Results have shown that wood pellets burned for heating purposes in Britain are already significantly exceeding the government's sustainability standards, providing up to a 90% reduction in carbon emissions compared to burning oil and other fossil fuels.

In addition to this, wood pellet boilers are cost effective to install and operate, saving consumers on average up to 40% on fuel costs per annum.

GP Power is committed to exploring new ways of helping the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, and encouraging others to do the same. Contact one of our team today to find out more about how your business can benefit from biomass.